The AAA Quality Replica Hublot Big Bang Unico SAXEM Green is a mean, green, alien-looking wrist machine

Here’s something to consider: when perfect replica Hublot was birthed back in the 1980s, synthetic sapphire was only just starting to become a commonplace watch crystal material, with the vast majority of watchmakers still opting to use acrylic or glass. These days, not only are sapphire crystals the industry standard, but high-end watchmakers are even creating entire cases out of sapphire crystals.

Swiss made fake Hublot in particular has pushed the boundaries of sapphire. Not only are they capable of sapphire crystal watch cases, but they’ve even made whole bracelets and tourbillon bridges out of sapphire. They’ve also pioneered the use of coloured sapphire for watch cases. In fact, they’ve gone beyond just conventional sapphire: luxury super clone Hublot is now developing watch cases made from a revolutionary transparent material called SAXEM, which is just as scratch-resistant as sapphire but shines even brighter – and is also capable of being crafted in different colours.

The 1:1 replica Hublot Big Bang Unico SAXEM Green marks the second-ever shade SAXEM has appeared in, as well as the first-ever Big Bang Unico in SAXEM. It’s also one of the most sci-fi-looking watches aaa quality fake Hublot has ever made, thanks to its translucent alien green case, bracelet and its openworked dial.

The case
So, let’s talk a bit about SAXEM. SAXEM stands for “Sapphire Aluminium oXide and rare Earth Mineral”. It’s an alloy of aluminium oxide, which is the basic component of sapphire, with rare earth minerals such as thulium, holmium and chromium added in to make it more robust as well as give it its colour. That’s different to how you make coloured sapphire, where you add metallic oxides in to give it colour.

Swiss movement replica Hublot explains that SAXEM has a different chemical composition compared to sapphire – it has a four-sided structure, while sapphire has a three-sided structure – and it also has fewer internal strains, making it more uniform and seamless, which contributes to its optical brilliance. It’s worth pointing out here that green sapphire crystal watch cases exist, but the green SAXEM used in this high quality copy Hublot has a significantly richer green colour than green sapphire crystals we’ve seen in watchmaking before. It doesn’t actually emit light but it almost appears to. It’s quite uncanny.

The dial
Like many top quality fake Hublots, the Big Bang Unico SAXEM Green features an openworked dial, with the polished black transparent composite resin of the movement’s mainplate topped with a green SAXEM structure forming the indices and chronograph subdials. The lumed hands and numerals as well as the appliqué are all colour-matched to the watch’s green SAXEM case. Is it the most legible watch Hublot replica for sale has ever made? No, but I appreciate the dedication to colour-matching as well as the SAXEM dial structure.

The movement
Under the hood of the cheap replica Hublot Big Bang Unico SAXEM Green beats Hublot’s HUB1280 in-house chronograph calibre, better known as the UNICO 2. A self-winding flyback chronograph movement with a column wheel, it beats at 4Hz and features a 72-hour power reserve. The movement’s really subsidiary to the watch’s case in this instance, but it’s a thoroughly competent movement that suits the SAXEM Green’s high-tech vibe.