Do You Know These Special Replica Watches Only With One Needle?

A watch can be very complex and also can be very simple, complicated one with various functions and structures, simple one even without the pointers. No matter for the too complicated ones or the too simple ones that are very uncommon, after all, the essence of watches is neither to show off nor to lost time. However, creativity is always attractive, such as this 24-hour watch with only one needle.

Seeing this watch at the first glance, that would immediately attract by its appearance. Certainly for its unique design also for the simple and pure pointer. This watch comes from Slow Watches, just as its name suggests, Slow, slow down the flow of life. The disl design of the delicate fake Slow watches areunique, the whole round dial is divided into 24 big lattice and 96 little lattice, and each big represents for 1 hour, each small means 15 minutes, that is to say, the only one needle of this watch only completes one revolution one day. This “slow”chronograph style actually is very unique, and also greatly interesting the core value of slow life style. It is worth mentioning that this display way just drew the inspiration from immemorial sundial. With the pointers quietly walking across 24 hours a day, the wearer can better understand the progress of the day, and no longer make mistake for the tense.