Introduction Of The First Pure Gold Oris Carysfort Ree Replica Watch US

Recently Oris launched a brand new limited diving watch, which is also brand’s first pure gold watch. The perfect fake Oris watches are created to support the Coral Restoration Foundation.

It is the Oris's first model made by 18ct gold.
Oris Replica With Blue Leather Strap

The imitation watch with blue dial is the second watch that created by Coral Restoration Foundation and Oris. The foundation will transplant 30,000 corals in Carysfort Reef, Florida and then Oris will celebrate this important moment with it.

The new Oris is with low price and brilliant appearance.
43.5 MM Fake Oris Carysfort Ree

Three gold watches will be auctioned in the Spring auction held this year and all the profit will be donated to the foundation. The purpose of creating this gold Oris is to try the best to collect more funds.